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Starting a Business is a great idea! But it can be very difficult starting out. At Venture-Care we are a team of dedicated, experienced and skilled professionals who have made the Launch pad a one-stop solution to help you to START YOUR BUSINESS. Want to start an online business but don't have a lot of money? Our Company helps you to execute your business plan and launch the company. Our easy startup Business ideas will help you to discover a business to fit your financial plan.

VC Smart-Start team consist of chartered accountants, company secretaries, Intellectual Properties Expert, corporate lawyers, and business and tax consultants to cater to all the legal, financial and business services requirements in India and abroad.

Our digital enterprise strategy and advanced analytics systems help us to administer all inclusive range of quality services for your business, at the lowest cost possible and with complete transparency. We aim to tailor our services to serve the specific requirements of each client, rather than going for the one-model-that-fits-all policy.

VC Smart Start Package includes
The Essential 5 to start a new business in 2019

Business model generation Companies in India

1. Business Model Development

Business Model Development is the 1st product in VC Smart Start package. Our Business consultant helps you to choose the right business model which addresses following curious questions of startup

  • Identifying critical gaps and validating the business model
  • Assess funds needed before you approach investors
  • Provide a clear growth roadmap
  • Identify the perfect time when your business is ready to be pitched to investors
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trademark registration online in india

4. Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration is the 4th product in VC Smart Start package. Be the owner of your Brand. Get the best Brand insurence for your business with Venture Care.

We help you to protect your brand by trademark registration. Venture Care help you to register your trademark and also support till it's registration with the Government of India. Trademark registration enables the owner to take legal remedies agnaist unethical practice with his brand name.

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Digital Marketing Company in Pune

5. E-office

E-office is the 5th product in VC Smart Start package. We help you to take your business online with custom made all devices responsive website to full fill your business’s requirements. It includes a website, social channels and business emails. It provides advanced communication and collaboration tools to automate your business presence online.

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Our Success is powered by Relationship and we provide lifetime support to your business

Compare Your Options

Private Limited Company

Limited Liability Partnership

One Person Company

Partnership Firm

Sole Proprietorship

Recommended For Start-ups and growing companies Professional services firms Sole promoters Home businesses Small traders and manufacturers
Ease of Accommodating Investment Very easy to accommodate Possible, but unlikely Possible, but severely unlikely Almost impossible Impossible
Tax Advantages Few benefits Most efficient Few benefits Minimal Minimal
Perpetual Existence Yes Yes Yes No No
Compliances High Low High Minimal Minimal
Registration Time 10 Days 20 Days 10 Days 5 Days 3 Days
Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started

Our wide spectrum of services ensures a comprehensive package to service all your need to start your business including Business Model designing, company registration, Logo Designing, Trademark Registration along with financial and legal services.

How to Plan, launch, Manage and Grow your Business with Venture Care ?

Venture Care not only helps you to get your business launch but also we are with you at all stages of your startup journey. Our wide spectrum of services ensures a comprehensive package to service all your need to start your business including Business Model designing, company registration, Logo Designing, Trademark Registration along with financial and legal services.

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What is the Scope of our Feasibility Study?

Totally customised, the typical feasibility study report covers following scope

Logo Designing

Your Logo is the face of your Brand. Custom Logo Design & Branding tailored to your brand's culture, core values & distinction. We take a strategic approach to creating.....

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Comprehensive Care

You don't have to worry about “what to do when”. A team of expert CA and CS lead by our senior partner will always be available to handle your company hassle free.....

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Trademark Registraion

Trademark registration help a firm to establish an ownership, to protect brand, slogan or logo of an entity. Early trademark filing will help avoid unnecessary legal tangle.....

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Business Valuation

Venture-Care's organizational structure, vast experience in business valuations, and research tools allow it to provide excellent, supportable valuation services regardless.....

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Digital Enterprise

Venture-Care's specialized marketing team work to increase your conversions, traffic and expand your online visibility. We increase Traffic through SEO and pay per click marketing.....

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Company Registration

The default option for start-ups and growing businesses as only private limited companies can raise venture capital. Private limited company is the most popular corporate entity.....

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Business Planing

We at Venture-Care strive to provide a quick, affordable and effective business plan exactly as you require it! We aim to plan your business as per real situations.....

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