With our extensive experience of working with thousands of startups and investors, we assist startup founders to create a complete business plan and a strong pitch deck.

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How Venture Care Helps Prepare for Fundraising


  • An assessment and analysis of the business in fragments to identify areas of the business that require improvements.
  • A roadmap that guides the startup founders to identify the main aspects of the business that need to be prioritized.
  • Advice and guidance in negotiating the term sheets & valuations, due-diligence, and paperwork required for closure of the deal.


  • Signed NDC (Non-Disclosure Contract) & NCC (Non-Competition Contract) before sharing the business plan and any insider documents.
  • An all-inclusive business plan, business model, and financial model
  • A strong investor pitch deck and practising the pitch to investors


  • Guidance on determining the strategy for fundraising such as what investors are likely to be interested in, how to approach the right investors (such as through online platforms, Emails, Meetings or Events), how much amount to be raised, valuations, terms, etc.
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Investors receive hundreds of pitch decks every month.

But only a comprehensive business plan and an effective pitch deck that provides all the information they seek can attract their attention. Our expert team brings the knowledge gained from working closely with thousands of startups to help you prepare a comprehensive business plan and then formulate it into an effective and crisp pitch deck.

How Venture Care Develops a Strong Business Plan and Investor Pitch Deck


We first assess your startup business on key parameters that investors look for, to make sure whether your business is ready for investment.

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Business Plan Preparation

Based on the assessment, we provide guidance on areas that need to be strengthened. Once your business is ready for investment, we create a comprehensive business plan for you which covers all the aspects such as market opportunity, business potential, strategy, positioning & value proposition, product, go-to-market plans, revenue streams, business model, the business case & financial plan, required resources and overall business roadmap.

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Effective and Strong Investor Pitch Deck

Once the comprehensive business plan is ready, we then develop an elegant investor pitch deck covering all the information investors seek for such as the conceptual structure of the business model, value proposition and your USP, your business revenue model, key metrics to support financials. We also guide you in deciding the fundraising strategy for your business. Our expert team can create your pitch deck in just 5 working days at the lowest possible cost.

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Our Packages

Venturecare assessment report + one 1-hour on-call interaction
with fundraising experts

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Comprehensive business plan pitch deck (Rs.50,000)

Rs. 60,000+

(Note: The price is subject to vary as per the complexity of your business need)

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Business Model + Business Plan + Pitch Deck + Financial Model + Business Valuations + Assistance in investment deal closure

Rs. 95,000+

(Note: The price is subject to vary as per the complexity of your business need)

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3-months deep-engaged program

Rs. 2,50,000/-

This is a customized accelerator program wherein we provide you deep-engaged mentoring to help startups build a strong foundation for their business.

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Free review of your current pitch deck

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Why Venture Care?

Investors notice you

Most of the entrepreneurs fail to get noticed by the Investors. But we endeavor to secure your meetings with potential investors.

Right in the First Time

Venture Care strives to prepare for the fundraising in the right direction from the beginning by creating the right business plan and pitch deck the first time.

Direct deal with the business plan consultant

Venture Care ensures that there is no any commissioned salesperson between you and the business plan consultant. So you can directly communicate with the senior business plan consultant.

Customized to your purpose

We understand that every industry has its own hurdles and each business owner has different challenges. That's the reason why our funding solutions are developed for flexibility to provide a perfect match for your business.

Our Pitch Decks

We've been in VC
industry for 7 years

We've been in the VC industry for 9 years Our analysts have been working in the VC funds.
We've participated in 100+ meetings with investors, helping our clients to get funded.
Our clients have pitched the top VC investors across the globe.


CS Abhishek Kumar

Founder and CEO

CS Abhishek Kumar is a successive entrepreneur, strategist, mastermind behind the success of several ventures, marketing professional and occasionally a trainer. His academic journey has been an unconventional mix of a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and CS from The Institute of Company Secretaries of India, New Delhi. He firmly believes in creating worth by economic empowerment through growth modeling and venture development. He has been appreciated and rewarded a position in "30 most influential and creative CEO's" in the year 2017 and 2018 consecutively by international magazines like The Silicon Review, Mirror Review and Insight Success for his business acumen and out of the box approach to resolve problems. Outside Venture Care, Abhishek visits as a guest lecturer on entrepreneurship in various colleges including VIIT Pune, I2IT Pune, COE Pune, Symbiosis Pune, and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University. He also had mentored students of GLOBAL SCHOOL FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP on Pitch deck and fundraising.

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• Determine how much capital you need for your raise.
• Learn which funding source is the best for your needs and goals.
• Understand what types of investors are appropriate for your raise and where to go to find them.
• Refine the core elements of your business idea into an elevator pitch, pitch deck, and business plan forms.
• Find the best possible inroads to investors through personal introductions and mutual interests.
• Develop a winning email outreach strategy to maximize investor response rates.

This Ebook will help you to

• Determine how much capital we need for our raise.
• Learn which funding source is best for our needs and goals
• Weigh the pros and cons of bootstrapping, equity and debt funding


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