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It's Time to Raise Capital. Focus on your business while we do the outreach and deal-making to get you the funding your business deserves.
Venture Care undertakes the following to get startup funding opportunities

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We assist startups to raise capital at all stages

Capital for the Start-Up

Seed money is a type of early investment. Seed money can be obtained from family and friends, as well as via crowdfunding for companies and personal savings. In exchange for their seed funding, investors frequently receive equity stakes.

Funding from angel investors

Your company will grow over time, necessitating more cash for product development, marketing, and team expansion. Individuals who invest in potential new firms in exchange for a piece of the company, usually in the form of equity or royalties, are known as angel investors.

Financing through VC

At this point, you'll want to expand your startup's business channels, segments, and marketing activities to reach a wider audience. Venture capitalists are picky about their investments as they seek a strong return on their clients' money.

Bridge Loans Financing

The funds raised at this stage will be used to expand into new markets, make mergers and acquisitions, and prepare for an IPO. Investors are looking for a clear path to a lucrative business right now.

Our Expertise

feasibility report Best Professional Services and Fundraising Company of The Year,2022

Having a strong personal brand as a founder can make the difference between your startup is a success or another failed idea. Treat your personal brand like your startup.

  • Investor readiness We make your company and strategies investor-ready by evolving them. With our help, you'll stay on top of every aspect, including teasers, decks, financial models, and other investor readiness-related ancillaries.
  • Investors outreach With the aid of Venture Care's investor network, you can reach up to 200,000+ global investors. You will have the chance to interact with some of the best super angels, angels, and venture capitalists working for private equity firms in the world.
  • Deal Closure By providing thorough analysis and facilitating deal closure with the investors, Venture Care acts on your behalf. To facilitate the deal process, we offer verified insights and proactive initiatives.

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Why Venture Care?

Customized solutions

We tailor our professional services to meet your needs to maximize your company's performance.

Key Decision Makers

Venture Care reaches out to the key decision-makers of VCs for your business fundraising rounds. We set up multiple calls with numerous investors to raise capital for your business.

Secure and private

Contrary to many well-known management consulting firms, we do not present your numbers as proof of the success of our efforts to increase our revenue. Unless you tell us to do so.

A customized investor network

We formulate investor networks specifically for you, so you can profit from them in the foreseeable future. We establish long-lasting connections with the investors on your behalf so that you can take advantage of their support and knowledge in the future of your company.

Array of investors

You can connect with up to 1,40,000 global investors across genres using Venture Care's investors’ network. We link you up with global venture capitalists, super angel investors, family offices and angel investors from various industries.

Global operation

Location is not a factor in how we operate. We’ve made the international provision of our professional services easier. We connect you with five times more interested investors for your business. You get diversified options to fund your business fluidly.

Industries that we've worked with

Venture Care is Industry Agnostic. Fundraising Support Across 50+ Industries & Sector Stages and Geographies.


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It's Time To Raise Capital

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We believe in a world where businesses flourish and their fundraising goals are met. By the end of this call, you'll have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take for your business model journey.

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  • Examine your existing fundraising strategy and reflect on its shortcomings.
  • Provide you with a free review of your investor data room and restructure your capital framework.
  • Assist you in generating an effective investor funnel and working together with your team to channel efficiency in the fundraising process.


Why Do Startups Need Funding?

Every business needs funding to improve, expand and scale its operations. Regardless of the stage of any start-up, they require the same basic resources for further expansion.

What qualities do investors seek in startups?

Investors generally want a transparent and convincing business model that focuses on product market fit and is backed by traction and strong leadership. They hunt for practicality and a vision for future aspects of the business.

What motivates investors to fund startups?

The biggest opportunity investors realize is the chance to make vast gains. If a startup goes public or if it is acquired by bigger investors.

What makes Venture Care the best option for my startup's fundraising needs?

Venture Care is the one-stop solution for every business need that you could have. Our speciality is that we simplify fundraising for you. We have a network of over 1,40,000+ global investors, including angel investors, family offices, PE firms, VCs, and much more. We have experience of 6+ years in global fundraising operations. With Venture Care, you will have full transparency and technical assistance in your fundraising campaigns.

How much time does it take to secure funding for a startup?

Completing a fundraising process depends on many variables, such as the stage of business, niche, team, product, investors’ interest, market fit, and many other criteria. In our experience, on average, it takes 3 to 6 months to get secure funding for any startup.