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ADVANTAGES OF Copyright Registration

Legal Protection

Creators of original works always enjoy legal protection when their work is reproduced without authorization.

Restricts Unauthorized Reproduction

Copyright registration will establish that you are serious about copyright infringement. This will help impede unauthorized reproduction of the work as it provides the owner with various legal remedies.

Creation of Asset

Registered copyrights are an intellectual property and the rights can be sold, franchised or commercially contracted.

Branding and Goodwill

Registered copyright can be used for marketing and creating a sense of goodwill and quality in the minds of your customer. Registered copyright show others that you care about your work.

Global Protection

Works that are copyrighted in many other countries are accorded similar privileges here in India. Likewise, works copyright registered in India are accorded protection in many foreign countries.

Makes Work Known

A copyright registration makes work known across the nation and becomes searchable in the copyright registry database. This prevents competitors and others from using your work and puts them on notice.

Market Presence

By registering a copyright, a public record of your work is created and a proof of ownership is established for your creative work. It can also be used in marketing and for building goodwill in the mind of the customer.

Rights of the Owner

The owner of a copyright has the rights over reproduction, dissemination, adaptation and translation of the work. There could be slight variations in the composition of the rights depending on the work.


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Copyright registration for logos, books, periodicals and magazines.

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Copyright registration for videos, audio recording and cinematography films.

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  • For what can a copyright be obtained?

    You can get a copyright for any unique and creative content. This could range from a design, a sketch, a painting, a song recording, a music video, a movie file, a poem, a book or even a short story.

  • Does it apply to titles or names?

    Copyright does not ordinarily protect titles by themselves or names, short word combinations, slogans, short phrases, methods, plots or factual information. Copyright does not protect ideas or concepts. To get the protection of copyright a work must be original.

  • What is the difference between trademark and copyright?

    A trademark is a mark given to protect a brand name, logo or slogan. On the other hand, copyright is a protection given to unique content like a book, music, videos, songs and artistic content.

  • How long is copyright registration valid for?

    Copyright protection is valid for a duration of 60 years. If it is literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works the 60-year period is counted from the year following the death of the author. In the case of cinematograph films, sound recordings, photographs, posthumous publications, anonymous and pseudonymous publications, works of government and works of international organizations, the 60-year period is counted from the date of publication.

  • Is it valid in India only or across the world?

    A copyright is valid in India. However, if you have filed a copyright in India, you can use this as evidence before any government to prove that you were using the copyrighted content first.

  • Can I sell or transfer a copyright registration?

    A copyright registration can be sold, transferred, gifted and franchised with due consent from the owner of the work.