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What Is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

To increase the popularity and reach of your website on search engine we do SEO which is completely organic and little bit time taking process. The Pay per Click marketing and Pay per Click campaign gives better result to retain the position on search engine. Venture care is the Top PPC companies in Pune India which helps to grow your business with pay per click advertising and campaign management services.

Pay per click search engine marketing is fastest growing service in to stay stick in digital world. To generate the leads and clients for your business, we help you to generate more leads/ client on your site with our Best PPC Agency in Pune India. Venture care is the Top PPC Company offers this customizes Pay per Click advertising In Pune India, along with the Best SEO and marketing services.

How do I setup Pay per click?

We create campaigns to serve your unique business goals with our superior PPC marketing.


Discover the client’s business website and its competitors to provide conclusive documentation that willl be used throughout the project.

Project Brief

We define the client’s business goals alongside all the required information to properly complete discovery process.It includes

1 Analysis
2 Budget
3 Business Goals
4 Campaign Login Credentials
5 Audience
6 Geographic Location

Competitive Analysis

We discover your PPC competitors and successworthy add copies based on Keyword Research to determine the areas of opportunity and risk.

Keyword Research

We help to define potential keywords to be targeted, based on your business goals outlined in the Project Brief and the opportunities that we find in the PPC Audit

PPC Audit

We create a baseline for your current website’s Pay Per Click performance based on our analysis of your landing pages and current campaign statistics.


We strategize to create a comprehensive Pay per Click and project plan outline that highlights measurable business goals and actionable metrics.

Paid Search Strategy

We help to define Paid Search, Display, and Remarketing campaigns along with providing advertisement copies, multivariate landing page recommendations, methodologies to be targeted and recommended budget.

Measurement Planning

We evaluate campaign performance through measurable short-term and long-term goals.

Landing Page Creation & Campaign Setup

We create your landing pages and setup campaigns by implementing landing page recommendations through extensive collaboration
with the client and using the Paid Search Strategy

Landing Page Design (optional)

Our professionals can create designs for optimal converting landing pages along with improvising strong calls to action for newly-defined campaigns.

Campaign Setup

We create and edit existing campaigns based on our Paid Search Strategy

Landing Page Implementation

We create and edit landing pages for new campaigns. We also ensure the proper implementation of conversion tracking to minimize page load time.


Now optimize, monitor and adjust your campaigns based on well-researched performance of keywords and add copies.

Short-Term Adjustments

We can help you to change bids, landing pages and even ads, based on our conclusive research on short-term performance indicators.

Campaign Adjustments

With us you can now make global changes to your promotional campaigns, based on trends that we identify over time.

Analysis & Reporting

Through our analysis and regular reporting of your campaign performance, Key Performance Indicators and goal tracking,
you can adjust project plans based on real-world results.

Monthly Performance Report

To plan for the following month we will document current status of your business goals, campaign metrics and the tasks completed.

Weekly Review

We provide you with a comprehensive overview of campaign and adjustments to the project plan, based on research, to keep you on step ahead of your competitors.

We make use of Social Media to engage audience and Increase Sales for your Business

" Now improve your search engine visibility through social media campaigns.
You also get to enhance your brand, sell your products and drive traffic
to your website in the process. You are thus, serving both new and current customers. "

How to run effective PPC Campaign?

How to enhance PPC Marketing strategy?

PPC has unlimited benefits for your business including the flexibility in terms of delivery.
You can use a variety of techniques to reach out to the target audience.