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    Expert SEO marketing
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How do you work on SEO?

Our effective search engine optimization (SEO) services are provided by technical experts in the field and include strategic keyword research and placement, on-site and off-site optimization, content creation and even content marketing. We focus on generating leading and helping your business to grow.

Venture Care helps you to drive traffic to your website through page 1 rankings in various search engines by using valuable keywords.

We provide an initial audit with a competitive review and keyword research to build a project plan bound to lead your business to success.

We set on-page optimization and internal linking to maximum rankings

For each keyword, we put in place landing page creation and optimization

Our monthly link building and content outreach take place to augment your ranking growth.

What is the SEO Marketing Strategy?

We have a 5-step process to ensure that you get the most out of our services.


We learn about the client’s business to have a clear-cut idea about the website and competitors to acquire documentation, for use in other stages.

Project Brief

Our marketing manager defines client information and business goals with all his requirements to complete the discovery procedure.

Keyword research

Our marketing associate defines potential keywords based on the business goals outlined in the project brief and opportunities discovered in SEO audit.

IA overview

The associate then produces suggestions for improving the overall site performance based on the targeted user experience and navigation.

SEO audit

Our tech specialist creates a baseline for the given website’s SEO performance based on a detailed analysis.

Competitive Analysis

Our expert associates define SEO competitors based on keyword research and help you determine the areas of opportunity and risk.


Strategically create a comprehensive SEO and project plan that outlines deliverables and measurable business goals.

On-site strategy

The tech specialist documents an actionable plan to introduce changes to the website content, optimizing it for search engines

Off-site strategy

The trained associate determines potential partners and influencers to target for a better link building and PR efforts that align with the goals of your website

Content Strategy

The content specialists at Venture Care, create a schedule of content to be placed on the website, for outreach campaigns, press releases and social media campaigns

Measurement Planning

Our analysis specialist documents the various measurable short-term and long-term business goals to evaluate your campaign performance

On-site Optimization

In this phase, we work on on-site optimization. We implement recommendations obtained from careful evaluation of on-site strategy and content strategy through collaboration with the client.

Content implementation

Our content specialist adjusts website text based on content strategy to highlight the keywords targeted in the keyword research.

Technical implementation

SEO specialists implement edits to the website code and content based the on-site strategy. We change page elements like Meta information, no-follow links, internal links and canonical tags. We also cover revamping site elements like domain’s robots, Google analytics account and others. We even go so far as to incorporate changes to social media strategies.

Content Marketing

For effective content marketing we implement project plan obtained from on-site and content strategies to influence outreach and content sharing.

Content Creation

Content specialists regularly create quality content

Public Relations

The marketing manager helps the client to spread information about the client’ business through conventional and technical methods including press releases, news and industry channels. This helps to increase exposure of content and links that lead back to the client’s website.

Influencer Outreach

The associate contacts potential partners with the goal of publishing content on popular websites with links back to the client’s website.

Social Media

For a little extra cost, the associate can also encourage audiences to share and discuss content related to a client’s business.

Analysis & Reporting

In this final phase, regular analysis and reporting of campaign performances, Key Performance Indicators and goal tracking will help you stay at the top of your competition.

Monthly performance report

Analysis specialist documents the current standing of goals, tasks completed, campaign metrics and the plan for the upcoming month.

Weekly review

The analysis specialist also provides a comprehensive overview of campaign and adjustments to the project plan, which is based on the results obtained.

We perform SEO for maximizing the ROI and providing clients
with insight into other methods of increasing their online presence,
while keeping an eye on number 1 page rankings throughout.

Why we are Top SEO companies in Pune:

Search engine optimization is a key factor of internet or online marketing. Seo services are begins when your website is live on a search engine. There are so many websites which provide the same services which your site provides that might be possible that your website goes invisible. SEO is the service that prevents this from happening. Venture-Care is the Best SEO services in Pune India.

We, the Search Engine Optimizers at Venture-care, are well familiar with Google’s updated algorithms and new techniques with Affordable SEO Services Our SEO agency in Pune uses white hat techniques for ranking your website on the internet. we help you to optimize your website to gain more leads/ client on your site with our SEO and marketing companies in Pune.

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