Why cash flow forecasting is important?

  • ✓ Identifying potential shortfalls in cash balances
  • ✓ Ensure you have enough cash to pay suppliers and employees
  • ✓ Understanding the future sustainability of the business
  • ✓ Convincing the investors for pitching in for getting funds
  • ✓ Enable you to see when problems or cash shortfalls are likely to occur so you can plan to avoid them

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    What's our approach for projection?

  • ✓ Listing down the assets currently employed
  • ✓ Analysing the present balance sheet ratios
  • ✓ Analysing the trends of the balance sheet ratios
  • ✓ Understanding the business plan/future strategy
  • ✓ Understanding the requirement of future assets
  • ✓ Forecasting with the help of projected income statement, simulation and sensitivity

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