International Business Desk- Venture Care
Venture Care’s International business services combine real-world experience, local knowledge and cultural understanding to help companies to do business abroad. We help you with our expert advice and professional services for your cross border business.

Advantages of using the services of International Desks

End to end solution for company incorporation, bank account opening in our networked countries. A local team of professionals and specialists takes care of your legal, taxation, digital and financial needs. So you will never be far from the world-class international banking expertise and solutions you demand.

1.Key features  

  • Invaluable knowledge and information about the countries Santander has a presence in, from macroeconomics to financial, regulatory and business environment.
  • Helping you in foreign company incorporation and setting up the office.
  • Products and services that will help in your international expansion.
  • Introductions to useful local third-party contacts that may help establish your business in the market.
  • Help with your overseas banking needs, including opening accounts and breaking down often complex business processes.