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    Public-relations specialists
    Online PR can be a great, low-cost technique for making more people aware of your brand or website
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    Your Idea Partner
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What is Public Relation and Internet Marketing?

Control your images and your success in the Online World

• Improve the visibility of positive mentions of your brand.
• Deal with criticism heads-on to conceal or even eliminate it.
• Maintain vigilance and be pro-active.

What is the Difference between Online PR and Internet Marketing?

The PR industry is quite bad at enlightening potential clients about public relations and its importance to their business. On the other hand, Internet is a flourishing field where PR being used extensively, as a tool, by marketing professionals.

The Message in Internet marketing is designed to drive sales and increase ROI in all possible ways. For instance, the driving Message of a bookstore could be that they offer the largest collection and lowest costs.

Online PR isn’t directly promotional. PR messages are more about companies showing that they care about a specific cause or putting out news messages.

Tactics and tools, are two disciplines that unite Internet marketers and online PR. However, they are often used in differing ways by each.

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