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Best Email Marketing Services

Have a contact list? Make the most of it through amazing email marketing strategies.

• We provide subject lines that incite higher opening rates.
• We create newsletter designs to click through rates.
• We combine strong landing pages and effective emails to increase conversion rates for you business.

Our Email Marketing Methodology Increases Your ROI

You can utilize emails to accomplish your business objectives and increase your online ROI.
Use it as a medium to engage communication between yourself and your customers.

Audience Research & Data Collection

We analyse the audience and data collected to understand the nature of your email recipients and cater to their needs and expectations.

Try to gather a conclusive and comprehensive data that covers the different types of audience to want catered.
Also keep the required information to a minimum. Demanding for too much information can lead away potential clients.

Analyze Goals & Objectives

Recipients give your emails a few seconds. So, make sure to analyse their goals and Objectives and align your emails accordingly.

It doesn’t matter if you are supplying an informational resource or selling a product. You need to keep your focus centred on grabbing the recipient’s attention and direct them towards your desired action. Ensure that you are not deterring your clients from the primary action by adding in too many action-to-calls or unrelated informational content.

Email Design

We design emails to cater your business goals and align your emails towards your targeted audience. Our expert team knows how to place strong call-for-action at the right place with supporting images to optimize your click-through rates.

The ultimate of goal of any email is to trigger clicks and drive website to your brand and website. Then comes the crucial part of living upto the customer’s expectations and getting them to complete purchase or achieve maximal conversion rates with creatively designed landing pages. The latter should reflect elements of your email and the campaign as a whole to provide consistency to the user.


We use segmentation, analysis and past user activity to design and create optimized emails that address the specific wants and needs of your viewers. We ensure sending messages to relevant viewers who are looking forward to them.

Our email campaigns make use of A/B testing options to optimize your click-through rates and open rates. This ensures that the email we create are perfectly tailored to your customer’s needs and have brand specific data.

Analysis & Reporting

We analyse to find out the optimal time and frequency to reach out to your targeted audience. This allows us to get actionable results and ensure that the highest possible numbers of subscribers open and click-through your email.

You need to sure that your emails bring in the best possible ROI. We use extensive tracking data of open rates, click through rates and hard/soft bounce rates, to ascertain this goal. We also measure the overall traffic that leads to actual sales to find out if email campaigning is actually bringing you business.

Choose the Best Email marketing Agency

Venture Care is the top Email Marketing services in Pune, which uses a modernized means of marketing techniques used by our experts to promote your company’s products or services via powerful email campaigning for your prospective customers. With respect to cost, email campaigns are the most affordable platform unlike other advertising campaigning such as TV, Radio, Ads, Print Ads, etc. Sending emails to multiple-groups saves time and increases leads instantly.