We Build Strong Personal Brands

We help our clients build and maximize their authority and influence through strategic, full-service custom content creation, distribution and social media management. Get the authority, influence, and trust to become the go-to expert in your market that will have your desired clients coming to you.


Venture Care is committed to building personal brands that showcase your speciality, spread your message, impact lives & leave a mark in the world. We promise to build a brand so that you are seen as an expert & authority in your industry.

A brand that people trust.

A brand that generates revenue.

A brand that attracts ideal clients & opportunities.

A brand that stands out among the competition.

A brand that you can be proud of.



Through Personal Brand we help you and your business to be known through content that authentically connects with your audiences.

CEOs /Founders

CEOs, CTOs, COOs, CXOs, CFOs- Personal brands and the marketing that we do are inextricably linked. We create compelling content and we need to nurture our networks so that we have the personal influence to share great content in an authentic and helpful way. Personal branding is the only way to stand out to be successful in the future.

Corporate Professionals

Our personality is what makes us unique and powerful. The context is different for every individual and we help you reflect it on all your Social accounts.

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Why You should mind and invest your personal brand?

Having a strong personal brand as a founder can make the difference between your startup is a success or another failed idea. Treat your personal brand like your startup.

Such as
  • Inbound leads that converted into clients (the most obvious one)
  • Inbound C-level key recruits
  • Inbound next round investors
And moreover
  • Credibility
  • Attracting the Right Team
  • Attracting Clients
  • Access to Investment
  • Opening New Doors

Cost of not having a personal brand

Today, you can begin to create a winning personal brand or you will continue to be frustrated with the success and recognition of others.

There is a cost to your inaction:

  1. Lost opportunities.

  2. Constantly struggling to find new business deals.

  3. Missing out on press interviews.

  4. Being under-recognized for your expertise and accomplishments.

Our Process is Personal

Our approach is about optimizing your unique value, which is why we are one of the only personal branding consultancies that perform a deep-dive, qualitative analysis of target markets and competition. We give clients the insights they need to succeed and remain distinctive. Our research and expertise in brand management allow us to advise professionals and public figures on positioning their brand in various industries and markets.

Our Methodology is Scientific

We don’t give you advice--we give you numbers. Our patent-pending approach provides you with a robust assessment of what your brand is and outlines opportunities for you to capitalize on it. You are your greatest asset. Discover your brand’s value and manage it like you would any financial tool.

Our Results Are Dynamic

People brands are not like products because people have the ability to infinitely scale their value. That’s why we are passionate about developing personal brand strategies for people who are looking for new and better opportunities. Also, when it comes to stakeholders and public-facing members of corporations, they need a consistent personal brand strategy that also aligns with the values of their organization.

How We’re Different

Our strategic omnichannel approach to personal branding is second to none.

Custom Offerings

We customize our branding offerings to fit your needs and goals.

We Build Your Authority and Influence

We help you get to where you want to be.

Full Service

Once we outline your goals, we try to have minimal impact on your busy schedule.

Results Driven

We are results-driven and track your trajectory with quantifiable metrics.





CS Abhishek Kumar

Founder and CEO

CS Abhishek Kumar founded Venture Care who is on a quest to become the most trusted provider of business solutions in the world. As a Digital Expert, I have seen the difference a personal brand can make in a person’s life. That is why I advocate that everyone wanting to distinguish themselves in their career needs to develop a personal brand.


Personal Branding Specialist

Having graduated with a dual degree in Media and Marketing, she is a Media professional, inclined towards Digital Media. Aishwarya’s unique combination of specialties and experiences have given her a real expertise in building brands, especially personal brands. She highly appreciates the people’s feeling like they're seen, valued and heard -- that's really powerful.

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