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What is financial planning?

Financial planning is the process of compiling and analysing companies’ long-term financial strategy. It is a combined effort of preparing management reports, analysing financial trends, calculating the monetary effects of potential business decisions and helping the company’s leaders in taking decisions.

Why is financial plan required?

Take an example that a company is going to acquire another company. The biggest challenge seems to be that how the acquiring company is going to finance the acquisition cost; it may be debt financing, or raising funds from public in public issue, raising funds on preferential basis from institutions or doing right issue from existing shareholders. Every mode has its own repercussions. Similarly, what should be right path to give exit options to the investors who are providing funds.

How do you get benifits through financial planning?

Early Financial Planning will help you in:

  • Getting right amount of funds
  • Right place for deployment of funds
  • Financing in future
  • Fair idea of getting financial projections
  • Providing right decision making

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What's our approach for financial planning?

Our approach goes in the following ways:

  • Deciding goal of the company- it is all about the possessiveness of the management related to product, marketing, strategy and future growth.
  • We provide various options of financing the business- considering the short term and long term implications on the business and taxations.
  • We do consider the happiness and financial objectives of the financier.

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