Feasibility Report services in India

A feasibility study helps organizations analyze the economic, legal, technical, and commercial factors that sum up to determine the success of a business venture. We analyze all these factors to determine the pros and cons of engaging in a project.

Our feasibility study reports are intended towards providing organizations with vital information that can help them avoid entering less feasible and risky projects.

Why Is the Feasibility Study Critical?

Feasibility studies are essential for companies to promote business development by addressing their operations. Our feasibility study reports also help you identify the underlying challenges and obstacles, and how these challenges can be overcome.

Our feasibility study reports also help organizations with their marketing strategies by influencing investors or venture firms to invest in them.

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Why you need a feasibility study Report?

Organizations can grow organically or inorganically. A feasible business venture is the one where the business will generate sufficient cash-flow and profits, endure the risks it will encounter, remain workable in the long-term and meet the goals of the promoters. To assess the feasibility of greenfield or expansion projects, we undertake Project feasibility studies

Such as
  • Market demand analysis
  • Operational feasibility, financial modeling
  • Scenario analysis and
  • Sensitivity analysis and others
For Whom
  • For new Greenfield project
  • For expansion decisions
  • Making associations
  • forgo or no-go decision about a new venture

What is the Scope of our Feasibility Study?

Totally customised, the typical feasibility study report covers following scope

Executive Summary

  • Promoter's background and experience
  • Enthusiasm
  • Objective of the venture
  • Team required to meet the expectations

Promoter's Objective

  • Objective of the new venture
  • Core capability
  • Risk taking ability

Regulatory requirements

  • Regulatory restrictions, if any
  • Requirements for the project
  • Subsidies & Incentive, if any

Location analysis

  • Incorporation of company
  • Trademark registration
  • IP rights

Operations (1st)

  • Capacity & offering mix
  • Delivery model choices
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Organisation Structure
  • Technical requirements
  • Key Operational Assumptions

Operations (2nd)

  • Raw Material
  • Human Capital
  • Operating risks
  • Others (Power, Fuel, Water, Others)

Business offering

  • Offering description
  • Key strategic choices - Type, range, price, qualities, and needs
  • Business Model

CAPAX Requirements

  • Land
  • Unit description
  • Equipment & Machinery
  • Building & Civil Works
  • Project Engineering, Construction management & Know-how

Market Study

  • Territory and market study
  • Market potential
  • Growth drivers of the market
  • Likely market challenges
  • Customer segments and buying behaviours
  • Competition and their comparative assessment

Financial Model

  • Project Cost
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Means of Financing (The most Preferred Mix)
  • Valuation Of Project
  • Profitability Statement (5-7 years Explicit Forecast Period)


Our Approach

1. Ascertaining the Market demand

Studying the market dynamics, market segments, competition, and profile of customers to find out the future potential of the prospective business

2. Learning the operational parameters

Identify operational details like manpower, capacity, other important costs and developing a feasible revenue

3. Determining the Project costs

Identifying key project costs elements including incorporating client, specific requirements

4. Development of financial model

Develop financial projections based on project cost and operational parameters including risk and sensitivity analysis (with project phasing) Discussions with client and finalization Discussion of draft report with client and finalization of feasibility report

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Why Venture Care for Feasibility Study?

Venture Care holds significant experience in developing business and financial models for a plethora of companies and business organizations. We believe in providing transparent feasibility study reports that enable you to identify the scope of a project along with its underlying hurdles.

Not only do we provide accurate analysis, but we also offer actionable plans and strategies to overcome the challenges and initiate a successful project, concept, or plan.



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