What is the Scope of our Feasibility Study?

Totally customised, the typical feasibility study report covers following scope

What are the Implementation milestones ?

Our Approach

  • 1. Ascertaining the Market demand - Studying the market dynamics, market segments, competition and profile of customers to find out the future potential of the prospective business
  • 2. Ascertaining the operational parameters - Identify operational details like manpower, capacity, other important costs and developing feasible revenue model based on uniqueness of the project
  • 3. Ascertaining the Project costs - Identifying key project costs elements including incorporating client, specific requirements
  • 4. Development of financial model - Develop financial projections based on project cost and operational parameters including risk and sensitivity analysis (with project phasing) Discussions with client and finalisation Discussion of draft report with client and finalisation of feasibility report

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