How to customize ultimate marketing game plan for your business ?

"COMMAND YOUR AUDIENCE AND CUSTOMERS ON WEB" VC Smart-Mark is the ultimate solution of LEADS AND LOYALTY to a Business. In nowadays one of the key challenges is to ensure that the daily leads that are passed on to your sales team are in fact sales qualified leads (SQL's) and not just marketing qualified leads MLQ's. You have even tried Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO, Email Marketing and the results have just not been good enough. Or you may even have experienced good solid daily traffic to your website and it is just not converting to good sales leads. VC Smart-Mak is the content and community driven GAMEPLAN which not only helps you to get the most out of internet marketing but also generated sales qualified leads and builds customer loyalty.

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VC SMART- MARK helps you to the kind of results that will take your company to market dominance in your industry category. Most companies don't.

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Which four key factors important for sales
qualified leads and brand reputation?

Boost search engine ranking

  • Top keywords
  • Traffic-producing keywords
  • Lead-producing keywords
  • Sale-converting keywords
  • Organic traffic

Strengthen Relationships

  • Followers
  • Friends and Fans
  • Members
  • Blog comments
  • References/recommendations

Enhances Positioning as a Thought Leader

  • Media inquiries
  • LinkedIn recommendations
  • Blog subscribers
  • Content downloads
  • Inbound links

Build Brand Awareness & Reputation

  • Website traffic
  • Referrals
  • Media placements
  • Retention rates
  • Positive online reviews

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