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When the data wave hits, powerful, customized solutions help you navigate through the tide. At Venture-Care, you get expert professionals to manage your data.

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When taming the big data tidal wave, it's better to have a powerful, custom-fit solution at hand. Get expert-level data professionals to build yours.

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We truly believe in fulfilling all your Data Needs

Through our advanced technology, well-orchestrated methodologies and state-of-the-art tools across the entire data cycle, we deliver excellent results when it comes to big data and BI solutions development. We ensure to assign the best team to your project, one whose skills align with your requirements.


Got lost navigating through the big data landscape? Venture-Care’s business analysts will help you come up with thorough understanding of the right goals and the shortest path to them.


Our skilled team, driven by development operations and rapid application development ideas, incorporates performance engineering and end-to-end QA with testing.


We know how to perfectly orchestrate and use BI technologies for a potentially multiplicative effect on your business alongside curating the kaleidoscopic data of the analysis pipeline.


Got lost navigating through the big data landscape? Venture-Care’s business analysts will help you come up with thorough understanding of the right goals and the shortest path to them.

Big data Services and Solutions

Venture-Care works with all the major blocks required to consistently turn data into action. We offer end-to-end BI solution implementation services, from data consolidation through diving deep into analytical processing to real-time visualization.

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Bi Assessment and Tech-Consulting

At venture-care, we align your business needs and technological capabilities with data-driven opportunities
• We assess the client’s technological environment
• What are your functional business needs? We assess them

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Integrating Data

We help non-technical businesses to acquire actionable revenue and data metrics through qualitative transformation of fragmented data.
• We aggregate data from multiple sources including applications, xml, mainframe, flat files, machine data, social media and so on, to provide a comprehensive data for compilation.

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Architecting Data Into Warehouses

Data warehousing is architecting the compiled data into bi-ready warehouses and data-marts
• Architecting the data design and model
• Managing data quality to keep it updated
• Metadata management

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Core Analytics

We at venture-care, believe in putting advanced technologies and systems for ensuring real-world success
• We analytically process stream data
• We provide predictive analytics
• We do data mining for providing complete data

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Data Presentation

We process complex ideas and data to provide you with actionable metrics and roi with enhanced clarity,
• Real-time visualizing dashboards, which are distributed through the world wide web, api and mobiles
• We provide manageable report builders and data export tools

Raising the standards of data processingin all aspects and on all frontiers