"Big data is becoming a must have source of competitive advantage for businesses.
    Let us help you define and deliver your big data strategy."
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    Your Idea Partner
    "Leverage the power of the data you accumulate to your advantage with Venture-Care end-to-end
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Big Data & Business Intelligence

When the data wave hits, powerful, customized solutions help you navigate through the tide. At Venture-Care, you get expert professionals to manage your data.

We help companies to convert data of multiple origins into strategic and actionable business values in this advancing environment centered around data.

We function with

When taming the big data tidal wave, it's better to have a powerful, custom-fit solution at hand. Get expert-level data professionals to build yours.

Enterprise Data

We work with CRM systems, all sorts of transactional ERP data and a wide variety of demi-structured to unstructured data in content repositories.

Sensor-Genreated Data

We process all data collected from industrial equipment, smart devices, control systems, multivariate connected appliances and a whole range of other loT devices.

Machine Data

For complete insight across IT infrastructure and end-to-end visibility, we embrace clickstream, log files and any machine-generated data.

Social Data

We also analyze human-generated digital footprints and data from social media sources coupled with location-based services to provide a 360 degree view for our customers.

We make use of Social Media to engage audience and Increase Sales for your Business

" Now improve your search engine visibility through social media campaigns.
You also get to enhance your brand, sell your products and drive traffic
to your website in the process. You are thus, serving both new and current customers. "

We truly believe in fulfilling all your Data Needs

Through our advanced technology, well-orchestrated methodologies and state-of-the-art tools across the entire data cycle, we deliver excellent results when it comes to big data and BI solutions development. We ensure to assign the best team to your project, one whose skills align with your requirements.

Services and Solutions

Venture-Care works with all the major blocks required to consistently turn data into action. We offer end-to-end BI solution implementation services, from data consolidation through diving deep into analytical processing to real-time visualization.

  • Services and Solutions
  • Bi Assessment and Tech-Consulting
  • Architecting Data Into Warehouses
  • Core Analytics
  • Data Presentation

Raising the standards of data processing
in all aspects and on all frontiers


Venture-Care provides advanced analytic solutions and predictive maintenance for smart home automation, transportation use cases and connected hospitals.


We help companies to damage-proof their businesses for the future, with enhanced customer experiences, through tailored marketing, sales analytics systems and high-load analytic engines.


We enhance competencies of enterprises by designing great data into business processes that are distributed across multivariate systems viz. activity and data-centric.


We believe in upgrading and evolving our technology to keep pace with the rapidly developing systems of the market. This enables us to incorporate the most advanced tools and frameworks and bring you the best of technology and skill.