What is Our Marketing Solutions?

Strategic Approach

Our Strategic Approach

Venture-Care is a strong advocate of a structured marketing process. We believe that for any marketing effort to be successful it must be strategically conceived and executed.

We feel that the strategic development and implementation of any marketing or business plan can only be successful when both the consulting team and the client are fully committed and intellectually engaged. Putting that belief into practice, Venture-Care works closely with the client’s team to produce a document that is:

  • Supported by research
  • Strategically sound
  • Fiscally responsible

To this end, we invest important time in discovery concerning the client’s goals, processes, market opportunities, competition, pricing, communications options and distribution channels.

Marketing Solutions

Our Marketing Solutions

Our marketing Solutions offers the complete range of management consulting, business planning and creative services required to take a product or service to market. Our work for clients typically includes a mix of the following tactics or materials:

  • Branding
  • E-office
  • Advertising
  • Electronic Marketing
  • Direct Mail marketing
  • Tradeshow & Exhibits
  • Promotional Event
  • Public Relations
  • Digital Marketing
  • Brochures, catalogues and collateral marketing materials

Strategic Marketing and Business Consulting

Strategic Marketing and Business Consulting

For over 20 years Marketing Solutions has worked with clients to help them meet their marketing objectives. During that time, we have developed sophisticated analytical and planning capabilities, with a solid track record in providing:

  • Business plans
  • Market/competitor analyses
  • Product feasibility studies
  • Financial modelling
  • Distribution channel analyses
  • Marketing communications plans
  • Program effectiveness evaluations

Advertising and Marketing Communications

Advertising and Marketing Communications

Venture-Care works with clients in a variety of ways to meet their communications objectives. We can handle projects from concept to completion including print buying, Digital Marketing, media placement or web development and webhosting or work in tandem with your internal team to complete a specific component of the project, as required. Our services include the following:

  • Concept development
  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • Project and logistics management
  • Printing, fulfilment and mailing
  • Layout and production for print or web
  • Photography, Illustration and digital imaging

  • Interactive and Electronic Media

    Interactive and Electronic Media

    Along with an up-to-date website built to current standards, today’s effective communication plans typically include a mix of digital tactics such as banner ads, blogs or newsletters, email broadcasts, interactive presentations delivered via the web or in person and for many, some element of social media. Marketing Solutions provides content development, design, and production and management services for all current electronic media, including:

    • Web sites
    • Social media
    • HTML email
    • PowerPoint presentations
    • DVDs and CD-ROMs
    • Broadcast media
    • Corporate video
    • Newspaper Advertisement

    Public Relations

    Public Relations — Creating a Higher Profile for Your Organization

    We create and implement customized, goal-focused public relations programs to support specific business and marketing objectives. Typically involving a blend of the tactics outlined below, the programs are structured to broadly communicate customer-focused, market–driven information about your company and products. We offer the following capabilities to create a higher profile for your organization in the media and among prospective buyers, partners and stakeholders:

    • Media relations and editorial outreach
    • Product and personnel press releases
    • Feature story development and placement
    • PR opportunities and special events
    • Press interviews and speaking engagements for key spokespeople
    • Social media, webinars and online content
    • Press kit development, including backgrounders, fact sheets and management biographies
    • Distribution of press releases to customized contact lists, Internet posting sites, hyper-local news and blog sites

    The Team-“M”

    " Our Marketing Solutions Team - Offering Flexible, Cost-Effective Creative Services "

    Marketing Solutions functions as a virtual agency to provide our clients with flexible, cost-effective creative services. To do so, we partner with writers, designers, illustrators, photographers, web developers and other communications professionals on an as-needed basis to meet the needs of each assignment.

    Our approach gives our clients the flowing benefits



    The creative synergy that comes from a diverse pool of talent